Sync Within Images is a concept that has multiple uses.


Some may want to use it as a therapy or coaching tool. Some, as a reflective device (like poetry, or music). Others, as a guide to possibilities.


Whatever your practice level, there’s training available for you here.


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  1. Kerstin says:

    Sync Within Skype one to one course:

    “I had purchased my sync within images 12 months ago but was not really using them until I had a one on one session with Kerstin. The session was Amazing and really inspired me to incorporate the cards into my tarot readings. I have been surprised at how they connect with people’s subconscious and create a link with what is happening in their lives and add a deeper dimension to the tarot spread. I feel this allows the client to feel more involved and the images are something they can easily relate to. Kerstin has a lovely warm teaching style and a wealth of information to share. I’m excited to expand my use of the cards as my personal connection with them develops and I work with the multiple layers they offer. I will be very interested in the future classes offered.”

    Blessings Lisa S.E.A Self Empowerment


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