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Some of these may seem unrelated, contradictory, or a little cryptic, but the idea is to stimulate thought, and to ask “how do I feel about it from this angle?” rather than answer directly …


CARD 01 EXPLORING: Past, future, figuring out, working hard, looking for information records, hidden path, uncharted method, day by day, plans alternating with results. Adventure as you go. Creative thinking. Giving myself time before deciding which way is best. A series of projects. Do I need to experience it first hand?

CARD 02 REMINDER: Memories, instincts, stay or go, observation, family, respect, values changing, Autumn, worth keeping, going home or moving, what about this worked? I respect my past. It gave me strength. Cave. The waves of emotion are set in the past. Evaluating. Ritual. The past. But is it time to move on?

CARD 03 BEGINNING: Back to basics, a new dawn, wilderness, wild part of me, finding a new environment, availability, diversity, natural, excitement builds, exploring right here, experiment, fresh ground. It’s all here. Pick what you like. Slippery. Taking a chance. New opportunity heals. Where are the best resources?

CARD 04 OPTION: New realms open, window of time, choice, right time right place. I can but do not have to. It can be might not. Closing options. I trust my intuition. Exploring doorways. It’s nice to know it’s just over there. Do I walk over? More to it. Unmotivated. Timid. Bored. Am I ready for something else?

CARD 05 TRAVEL: Invitations, promotion, a step up, a new country, a team, support, arrival, departure, progression, moving house, family, holiday, generally positive. Uplifted. The future is unformed. Too far. Higher ground. Sweeping out and up. The time is ripe for a new adventure. I am prepared. Is it time to group with others?

CARD 06 MEETING: A chance to shine, agent, discussion especially about career, distant or foreign love interest, big goals. Us and them. Influence. Rising above daily challenges. Lesson. The answers I need will come through. Possibly from someone else. Acknowledgement. The world is becoming smaller. Rising above a layer of emotion. Meeting halfway. Unfamiliar. Out of my league. Should I lift my game?

CARD 07 FEELING: Extension, attraction, reaching out, shaping, nurture. It is reshaping. Emotional needs. Space and time. Altogether. I feel it happening. I know how this works. In the middle. The extent of it matters. In touch. Moulding. Putting effort into it. A merging of detail and big picture. I know my place is here. Do I want to be involved?

CARD 08 CONNECTIONS: Sparks of life, ideas, thoughts, individuals connected, diversity, awareness of others. Communication. Neurons. Learning and finding. Insightfulness and possibilities multiplied. I share great connections with great people. Thinking. Reflecting. Web of life. Picking out important factors. Perception. Informed. What new ideas can I try?

CARD 09 FOCUS: Alignment, organic versus organised, making it happen. Judgement, defense, authority, and law. Interview, study, assessment. Question, filter, switch on, program. I have clarity and sharp insight now. Knowledge. The light behind the door. Importance. Who is best to speak with?

CARD 10 TRUST: Relationships, boundaries, unconscious knowing. Understanding. Depth. Can’t find the bottom. Moment. Fear of dissolving. Or fear of being left out. Smooth it over. The great unknown. I trust my friendships and relationships even without knowing all the details. Am I prepared to surrender?

CARD 11 SEEK: Door to understanding. Find. Secret. Revealed. Depth of self. Safety. I realise the answer I seek is right behind the wall. Is it shining in, or am I looking out?  Deep reflection into the emotional well. Light shining into my cave. Vulnerability, but a chance to be heard. Found. Yin and yang. Do I like being found?

CARD 12 SYNC: Recognition. Qualities. Differences and similarities. Synchronicity. Becoming in tune eventually, but for now we are still separate. Not understanding and temporary confusion. Artifice until you go deeper. Allure. Attractiveness. Are we the same? What am I building that makes me feel different to you? The universe is expressed through us all. Am I trying too hard to stand out? Not hard enough?

CARD 13 PLAY: There is more to life. The unexpected, the playful, social fun. Children. Making way. Rejuvenation after exhaustion. Time to take a break and allow for randomness. Organic. No worries. Be part of the crowd for awhile. People power. Stand up. Am I having fun? What’s my stance? Can I allow vulnerability? Humour?

CARD 14 VEILED: Secrets, sensuality, intimacy, or else unwanted views. Sharing with just one or a chosen few. Value sets things apart. Warmth and cover. Emotions covered. Cherished. Revealing in time. Distance, but not a permanent wall. Decency. I have a right to privacy. What do I want to keep for myself?

CARD 15 EMBRACE: What does a hug feel like? Warmth. Love. Change to the next level. Materialising. Stepping into a new vista. Expression. New level. Commitment. Valuable time spent well. I immerse in new ideas, new surroundings, country, career. What do I want wholeheartedly?

CARD 16 HARMONY: Tranquility, spa treat, nurturing peace. Warmth. Quiet listening. Receiving. No sense of time. Hope. Reading and absorbing. It can mean a wish to go back to childhood, when everything was taken care of, and stress was low. The promise of more to come. Right now, life is perfect. Does anything even have to change?

CARD 17 COMPLETE: Happy. Understanding the whole. Everything is in place. Suspended action. Balanced thought and action led to this. Filling in the blanks. Enjoying the end of a venture. Summer. Beyond ripe: almost spent. I can see when I have done a great job. Is it finished? Do I move on? Or just bask here awhile?

CARD 18 RESIST: I can walk away if need be. Personal space. Tough stance. Make a different move. A challenge. Sensing it is possibly not so good for me. Get more information. No decision at this time. Barrier. Go back. Is it time to go?

CARD 19 BURNING: Motivation. Fuel. Digestion. Making. Becoming. Synthesizing. Major undertaking. I know where my passions lie. Digest. Source. Festering. Synthesis. Melting and breaking it down. Building it up. Nervous. Excited. Frustration. What am I hungry for?

CARD 20 CREATING: Build up. Make space for. Business going well, or closing up. Defensive and spiky. A new star is born. Scaffolding to be fleshed out. Backbone. Strength. Revolving. Giving birth. Growing. Though I can rely on others, I am self-reliant first. Is my creativity evolving or shutting down?

CARD 21 RELEASE: Shedding the outdated. Letting go of old ties. No water: no emotion. Recycle. Wait for the rains and growth. Hidden value. Exhaustion. Old situation. Lighten the load. The skin. Whittle down the story. I release this now. Pages of a book. Maybe it will come back better. What has dried up?

CARD 22 ENRICHMENT: Riches, health, wealth, growth. Vital effervescence, life force, fertility, experiences. Excitement. Bubbling emotion. Making more out of potential. Or needing to protect against take-over. I do deserve. Block it. Let it flow. Viral. Interest. How do I feel about no barriers?

CARD 23 GIFTED: Egg, baby, delivery, singular, tightly compacted, jewel, polished, unobtainable, or else a gift. Who here is talented? At what? Receiving. Giving. What do I think is important to give? What do I want to give? Seed. Gratitude. Reward.

CARD 24 LOVE: Feelings blossom. Heart in the right place. Longing grows. Private world. Building love to share. Bliss. Growing child. Growing business. Happy home. Tenderness. Optimal. Precious. Open hearts are important. What do I need to open to?

CARD 25 UNFURLING: Forming. Growth. Strength. Escape. Unknown result but best effort. Nothing more can be asked. All roads lead to that. Birth. Bridging distance. Direction. Plans work out. Realistic goal. Probable event. Evolving. Is it growing, uncurling? Or is it tightening up?

CARD 26 DRIFT: Buoyancy. Life current. Light, float, heal. Surrender, organic time. Coming together. Do not push it. Life begins. Cells. Health. Low stress. Holiday. The sea. I change what I can and accept the rest. What is going to take time to gel?

CARD 27 SEEDED: Morning. Prayers. Promises. Putting it out there. Testing. Learning. Groups. Marketing and ads. Something to give. Pleasant. Sweetness. Hope. Not enough substance. Something to want. Not enough. I wish for more. But what direction is the wind blowing?

CARD 28 SURPRISE: Refresh, energise, zest. Play, laugh, the jester. Immediate effect, for better or worse. Wake up call. Spring to action. The lighter side. A definite yes or no. Out of my control so just weathering it. Refreshing environment. Flirting. Let it happen? Am I in?

CARD 29 SHARE: Reflect with another. Pass it on. Career training. Son or daughter or parental guidance. Therapy. Mentor. Higher self. Teaching. Learning. Culture. Needs. Identifying differences to work through. Plenty of time. Am I transparent enough? Too transparent?

CARD 30 DARING: This is not my fight. Not being able to understand. Challenging the status quo. Breakthrough. Do it now. Perspective changes. Leaving. Tension. Nothing more to learn here. Putting the lid on arguments. Removing myself from harm. I have outgrown this. Can I leave it be even if it is not complete?

CARD 31 CHALLENGE: Needing to see the big picture. Too much detail. Not learning. Trying too hard to put it back together. It is broken and needs to be released. Too much or no reflection. Grief. Creative, but without result. Finding fault. Worry. Taking a step back to find a solution. Am I holding on too long?

CARD 32 CRYSTALISE: Staying together. Delicate matter. Deeper reasons. Treading on eggshells but it will get better. Positive out of negative. Every vote counts. Patterns. Groups. Government. Law. By the book. Duty and systems. Fitting in. I strive for power balance. What is the pattern here?

CARD 33 STRENGTH: Feeling stagnant or left out, but I am strong. Finding humour in challenging times. Fear is freezing me. Inaccessibility. Needing rest. May as well sit this one out. Adversity helps me resolve it. I can weather it all. Winter. Am I ok with the slowness?

CARD 34 CHANGES: Ready for something new. Complete breakthrough coming from someone else. A tap on the shoulder. Move on this way! Profound change. A catalyst. Arrival. Sudden event changes life for the better. Application accepted. Relief and excitement. Insight. Acute readiness. What is that little sign saying?

CARD 35 FLEETING: Swift reactions, fragility, response. Clearing. Many changes at once. Sweeping energy. Temporary groups. Moments. Luck. It’s not going to last. Now is the moment. Changing scene. Confusion. I am making the most of it. What is chaotic about this? Can I just sit and watch?

CARD 36 FLOW: Sweeping away. Definite direction. Health, career, love is recharged. This way to a greater place. Lifestyle. Cleansing. Rejuvenate. Travelling fast. Tears, or else not a care in the world. Unstoppable. Definite direction. Not questioning it. Is it progressive or aggressive?

CARD 37 TIMING: Dreams. The future is not yet solid. Lots of possibilities. Many influences to sort through. Memories are wistful. Imagination. Too much daydreaming. Off course. Confusion. Patience will show the right way. Now is not the time. Deep intuition. Ebb and flow. I sense possibilities now. What is next? What is half thought?

CARD 38 RESULT: Deep understanding. Meditation. I am fine alone. Family tree. Home. Right time and place. Achievement. Actions dissipate. Destined. Alignment. Altar. Satisfaction. I listen to the inner voice. Totally stable and enjoying it. But is the whole thing too rigid?

CARD 39 POTENT: I look after myself. Investments. Inheritance. Ripening ideas. Children or siblings. Save, cherish, nurture. Reserve. Relationships. Privacy. Each to their own. Potential. Refine. Like a fine wine. Sometimes sadness lingers. But how do the others feel? What is the potential for them?

CARD 40 JOY: Spring. Seize the day. Delight. Shared daytime events. Laughter and whimsy. Networking. Theatre, music, dance, birthdays, weddings. Romance blossoms. Pleasantries. Much fun. Sudden bloom of success. Use it now. A series of small events connect. Does it matter if success is short? Is there lots?

CARD 41 SUCCESS: Full success after the right actions. No doubts whatsoever. Abundance. Strength. Fruition. Full capacity and stability. Quality. Happiness. Many clients, big family, or just well connected. I love life and nurture it. Robust plans materialise. Does it involve a crowd?

CARD 42 EXCHANGE: Heat. Impact, either positive or negative. Invaded space, but also fears into motivation. Lively events. Night life. Sexuality. Immunity. The blood. Important details flow. Dynamics. Immediate communication. Impulse. Pulse. I act. What is getting under my skin? Is it welcome?

CARD 43 EVENTUAL: Retirement. Blessings. Thankfulness. Summer. Evening. Wisdom. Patience. Enjoyment. A good conclusion or result you can count on. Being aligned with a clear path. Someone watching out for me. I am comfortable just being me. Am I doing what I need to have that future?

CARD 44 REFRESH: I begin again. Renewal or rebirth. Naive. Purity, childhood or babyhood. Or else a completely different direction: Sensuality. Always: Sweetness. Peace. Healing. Closeness. Tangible. Here it is. New life. Flexible ideas. Possibilities. What is the brightest view?  Maybe start afresh?