Sync Within Images is a deck of cards for reflection.

Created and first published in 2015, by Kerstin Fehn, Australia, this deck aims to peel back beliefs yet uncover how we feel and think.

Its colour, texture and shape archetypal range lends itself to be used as a set of keys for creativity and reflection, by anyone. Individual and cultural differences may change their meanings, but simple, basic level ones are given as a guide for those who want them. This by no means requires you to “believe” in the deck system. It just creates a focus or filter. I also found that in making the deck, when we peel back the belief systems many cards can depict, we can find we’re still left with the natural elements. I feel that these, in our urban lives, have become deified to fill the gap from nature that our largely unnatural lives leave. I have kept them because they codify and describe the age-old human interaction with the environment of situations, as well as internal aspects and feelings.

The Interlocking Back of the Cards: The Elements

The substance and structures of earth, tangible value and protection. The gathering of water, relative connections and emotions. From sounds, and the breathe of air, conscious awareness and communication. And from mastering the torch of fire, motivation, hunger, and vision. Internalised as subconscious, visual, sometimes emotional language.

Each picture will belong to more than one Element/Suit, because it will have more than one colour or texture. These colours are not based on occult systems, but on simple concepts that are logical to most (example: silver is obviously reflective, gold is something of a symbol of value. And as a secondary concept: gold with cyan/blue water becomes green growth, etc).

The Colours are divided into segments, and are numbered 01 to 04, with one as singular, two as separation or combining, three of movement or completing, and four or solidity or stasis.

Turning the Cards Over: Finding Meaning in Simple Imagery …

What is most important, way beyond the guide, is how do you respond yourself?

Sync Within Images is currently used by a growing number of therapists, as well as anyone moved by the imagery, this deck seeks to bring ideas forward or create a change of perspective … with or without the guiding ideas.

Sync within Images owes much to the many systems, both Eastern and Western, that I digested before its birth.