Contemplation via realistic images. 

 “I have been surprised at how [the pictures] connect with people’s subconscious and create a link with what is happening in their lives and add a deeper dimension” 

Lisa S.E.A Self Empowerment

You have the choice to take on a new outlook. One that puts your problems into perspective, enhances clarity and opens creativity.

Sync Within Images is a 44 square card deck system for contemplation, reflection, motivation, and insight that goes beyond belief systems. It brings self-reflection into the 21st century. Use it to probe understanding of a personal process or event in your life.  To get in touch with where your optimal direction lies.  The cards are based on four colours, which can have a variety of meanings. I have tentatively given them a meaning each, so that those looking for guidance can use them as a starting point, or enjoy the associations. As such, Sync Within Images explores the elements, as 4 aspects of perceiving reality. Each becomes the next … and all become the symphony of life.

The cards are otherwise unmarked, except for a randomly assigned number, and have no other symbols except the ones you’re reminded of through the textures and often abstract subject matter. Easy to use as emotion cards for professional practitioners as well.

Try the cards here

“I had purchased my sync within images 12 months ago but was not really using them until I had a one on one session with Kerstin. The session was Amazing and really inspired me to incorporate the cards … I have been surprised at how they connect with people’s subconscious and create a link with what is happening in their lives and and a deeper dimension to the tarot spread. I feel this allows the client to feel more involved and the images are something they can easily relate to. Kerstin has a lovely warm teaching style and a wealth of information to share. I’m excited to expand my use of the cards as my personal connection with them develops and I work with the multiple layers they offer. I will be very interested in the future classes offered. Blessings Lisa S.E.A Self Empowerment 

“I work therapeutically with teenagers who have had some life experience of cancer within their immediate family. I have used Kerstin Fehn’s cards in group sessions with these young people I have found it very useful to use as picture cards to help the group members have some images that they can talk to and connect with. The size and range of images of this card set allow for a breadth of discussion and conversation. Thank you” – Lara B.

“Fehn uses four colours to describe different states – cyan, red, gold and silver – and these feature on the back of the cards (which can also be read when connected together). The cards are square and are designed so that you can tell a story … They depict, to me, the energy of things: ideas, situations, feelings and desires. Each card offers an affirmation, which confirms to me that they are useful as an everyday tool … it’s an empowering deck.”

This deck includes another way to enhance idea suggestions:

The card names fit together.

3 x card row examples: “Creating Meeting Options”  or  “Sharing Travel Changes”

With Sync Within Images, you can also create meditation focus points (stepping “into” the card).


The Card Names:

Exploring, Reminder, Beginning, Option, Travel, Meeting, Feeling, Connections, Focus, Trust, Seek, Sync, Play, Veiled, Embrace, Harmony, Complete, Resist, Burning, Creating, Release, Enrichment, Gifted, Love, Unfurling, Drift, Seeded, Surprise, Share, Daring, Challenge, Crystalise, Strength, Changes, Fleeting, Flow, Timing, Result, Potent, Joy, Success, Exchange, Eventual, Refresh.

It is not necessary to use any information I’ve given you. Not even the colour caregories. It’s more important that you respond to the cards in your own way.

Though if you are looking for a guide, start learning about them here:

 Colour 01: Cyan

Deck Uses:

Enhancing learning, calibrating before and after life changes, as a tool for visual learning, emotional understanding, seeing big picture ideas, detailed analysis of ideas, as a reminder of positive ideas, as a psychology, coaching or therapy tool, enabling insight, as a visual platform for meditation, creative visualisation, guided imagery, hypnotherapy, as a tool for autistic spectrum dialogue, identifying stress triggers, dealing with stress triggers, as random white noise for creativity and writers’ block, ice-breaking for events, as a tool for art therapy, and more.

Featured press: interviews for: SBS, by Amal Awad, and on 2SM Radio with Grant Goldman


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